Senior Copywriter

This section covers my five main areas of copywriting expertise.

Where relevant, I’ve included examples of my work and client comments.


·         Digital copywriting

·         Print and direct marketing copywriting

·         Conceptual and campaign copywriting

·         Brand copywriting and communication strategies

·         Video and scriptwriting

Digital copywriting

Having spent a large portion of my career writing copy for traditional media, I’ve focused for the last six years on gaining experience in the digital world.

I’ve worked with top senior digital strategists and project managers in London as part of high end digital teams including projects for City & Guilds and Marie Curie. 

The way people engage with digital media is so different to that of traditional print and media that digital copywriting requires a completely separate set of skills.

From ecommerce and transactional websites, to digital marketing copy, content creation, blogs and email campaigns, an understanding of user journeys and UX, is essential to writing effective digital copy.

Below are just a few examples of projects I’ve worked on.

I assisted the in-house copy and design team at Anthony Nolan with their donor recruitment advertising campaign for 2018 which included digital copywriting for the campaign’s landing page below. I also worked on their TV ad which I’ve detailed in the conceptual and campaign copywriting section.


Anthony Nolan recommendation

I worked as a senior digital UX copywriter at City & Guilds as part of a specialist in-house digital team on various projects including their Group and International websites, and the ‘Apprenticeships’ and TechBac’ sub-sites. I was also involved in content editing and the creative direction of some of the pages.

Pierre recommenndation

 Emails I wrote for Marie Curie supporter journeys, UK treks and Sir Ranulph campaign

Fundraising off the ground
Sir Ranulph Antarctica
Sir Ranulph letter

                    My thank you card from the wonderful content, design, digital and brand team at Marie Curie.

Marie Curie thank you card

Print and direct marketing copywriting

My copywriting for print has covered a wide range of printed material including brochures, flyers, leaflets and direct marketing campaigns most recently for the Royal British Legion Industries (RBLI) in the UK.

From hospitality to technical and financial brochures, long and short copy, I have worked on most business sectors and categories.

Leaflets and a direct marketing postcard campaign I worked on for Royal British Legion Industries (RBLI) as a freelance senior copywriter and creative director.

I was creative director and copywriter for this direct mail invite produced by my agency, Lowe Bull Truth in South Africa. The client was East Coast Radio and it shows what you can do even on a tiny budget of just a few hundred pounds. This work picked up a bronze statue at the Loeries, South Africa’s advertising awards festival.

East Coast Radio Loser Invite

Conceptual and campaign copywriting (TV, radio, print and outdoor)

Creating campaign concepts or a ‘big idea’, that can be easily and effectively executed across all media channels is not easy. And it’s got to be relevant and have impact.

I’ve worked on many campaign concepts for global and national brands, either in a creative team with an art-director, or as a creative director.

These have included campaigns for a wide range of Unilever and Nestle fmcg brands, national banking and communication brands, WonderBra and Independent Newspapers to name a few.

The executions for campaigns I’ve worked on have covered most media channels including TV, radio, print, outdoor, experiential, and digital.

I was brought in by the in-house creative team at Anthony Nolan in London to help with this TV ad for their 2018 donor recruitment campaign. I was asked to address issues with the script regarding their brand messaging and call to action not being understood by the 16-30 male  target audience. Using feedback from their external research company and strategic workshops, I re -wrote the script to improve comprehension and impact. The revised script researched well and the ad went into production.

Independent Newspapers ‘Sunday Tribune’ campaign – I wrote and produced this campaign for Independent Newspapers in South Africa when I was creative director at FCB Durban, South Africa. It was based around the line ‘We bring the news home’, and shows how a campaign idea works across very different media. It was one of the most awarded campaigns in my career, winning a number of statues consecutively for 3 years, including a gold Clio for the radio, statues at the London and New York international festivals, and a merit from the Art Directors Club of New York (ADC) for radio direction.

Sunday Tribune campaign

I worked as creative director and copywriter on this outdoor streetpole campaign for the University of Natal while I was at FCB. It picked up a silver medal at the New York Festivals and a gold Loerie at the local South African advertising awards.

University of Natal Streetpoless
University of Natal Streetpoles

This TV ad I wrote and art-directed with my creative partner at FCB Durban in South Africa. A story with an unexpected ending that picked up finalists at Cannes Lions, Clio and London International advertising festivals.

Brand copywriting and communication strategies

All businesses should have a set of brand and style guidelines including a distinctive ‘tone of voice’ that sets them apart from their competitors.

I’ve worked with a number of clients helping them write their ‘tone of voice’ and corporate guidelines. My most recent ‘tone of voice’ project was for The Company of Master Jewellers (CMJ), the largest jewellery buying group in Europe.

Communication strategies are essential for both small businesses and larger corporates. I’ve helped develop and write communication strategies for SME’s through to larger corporates. From independent jewellers and yacht building companies through to private banks and global brands for Unilever and Nestle.

Lisa Curley recommendation

Video and scriptwriting

Corporate and promotional videos are now used extensively across the web, and I’ve written and art-directed many corporate videos.

Working closely with the client and the production team, I can write scripts to a specific brief that meet brand guidelines and effectively deliver the required message.

I can also assist with the selection of voiceovers and post-production with recent projects ranging from a video for a creative opportunities website (below) to a dentist in Harley street and a video for a London agency for Unilever (Lynx).

I worked on this script for a promo video for a creative opportunities website for my client Casey Parsons.

Casey recommendation