Content design and writing for digital media

Having spent a sizeable portion of my career writing copy and art-directing for traditional media, I’ve focused for the last six years on gaining experience in the digital world.

Working with senior digital strategists, project managers and online marketing specialists has enabled me to acquire a range of digital skills including:

  • sitemap and user journey development
  • content design and strategy
  • digital, SEO, UX copywriting and content creation
  • page building and content management (CMS).

Unlike traditional print media, digital media has a user interface (UI) which the consumer can interact with and navigate through on a variety of different devices and screens.

The difference between creating content for a digital medium and that of writing copy for traditional media is profoundly different.

From technical details regarding how the copy is laid out to an understanding that ideas also need to consider the user’s experience.

Whether it’s ecommerce and transactional websites, digital marketing copy, content creation, SEO, blogs or email campaigns, an understanding of user journeys and UX, is essential to creating effective digital content.

Below are just a few examples of digital projects I’ve worked on.

I assisted the in-house copy and design team at Anthony Nolan with their donor recruitment advertising campaign for 2018 which included digital copywriting for the campaign’s landing page below and social media ads. I also worked on their TV ad which I’ve detailed on my traditional media copywriting page under conceptual and campaigns.


AN Facebook ad (Action)
AN Facebook ad (Yes, you!)

I worked as a senior digital UX copywriter and content designer at City & Guilds as part of a specialist in-house digital team on various projects including their Group and International websites, and the ‘Apprenticeships’ and ‘TechBac’ sub-sites. I was also involved in the creative direction of some of the pages.

 I was brought in to set up the email copywriting resource at Marie Curie which inculded the development of content briefing systems. These are some of the emails I wrote for Marie Curie supporter journeys, UK treks and Sir Ranulph campaign

Fundraising off the ground

My thank you card from the wonderful content, design, digital and brand team at Marie Curie.

This freelance project was for founder brothers Casey and Thaddeus Parsons in London. Casey is a film editor and Thaddeus is a senior strategic and UX designer, who is currently Head of Service Design at SPARCK/BJSS. I re-wrote all the copy for their creative opportunities website, Eye the Prize, including the development of its TOV. I also wrote their PR releases,YouTube video, Facebook campaign and emails.

eye the prize email 2
eye the prize email 1
Casey recommendation

Digital SEO copywriting for a wide range of websites including web pages, blogs, and infographics.

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